Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Whipped Banana Oatmeal

[image from katheats]

Are you like me in that you peel and freeze the overripe bananas that weren't eaten by your household?  Then the bananas are waiting conveniently in the freezer for smoothies and for baking.  Maybe some of you are also like me in that your stock of frozen bananas grows a lot faster than you use them!

Well here is another wonderful way to use those bananas, and it doesn’t require baking, which can sometimes to daunting! Whipped banana oatmeal. Doesn’t even the name make your mouth water? Previously I made it on the stovetop, like she suggests, but making it in the microwave works well too. I add ground flax seeds to the recipe. She offers many variations, but my favorite is to top it with almonds and a little brown sugar.

I’ve realized that adding a ripe banana is also a great way to sweeten oatmeal for my little son. I just pull one from the freezer, and I plop it in the bowl before microwaving.

While on the subject of bananas...when I do bake (something I’ve yet to do since giving birth to my twins in January!), this is my favorite healthy banana muffin recipe, and this banana cake is delicious.

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