Friday, April 15, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday

Today I'm joining Jennifer by posting seven quick takes...
  1. My husband gave our sixteen-month-old son his first haircut earlier this week. I cried. I am still not used to it, and I still wish his hair was long again.

        1. We had this meal this week, and it was a big hit. If I am cooking with meat, I try not to make it the main dish. This recipe is good because the edamame is also a source of protein.

        2. My mom gave me a Keurig Brewer for Christmas. Previously I have teased her for owning one herself, citing how the k-cups are overpriced are wasteful, not to mention how the Keurig Brewer lacks the intangible quality of sharing a pot of coffee with others. So I should have immediately returned the gift, and under normal circumstances I would have, but I didn’t. You see, I have three children under the age of two, and I really appreciate the convenience of the Keurig Brewer. Of course, I have every intention of returning to the old fashioned coffee maker someday, when life becomes a little less crazy.

            1. I just finished going through More with Less, a collection of Mennonite recipes and tips. The cookbook’s intention is to encourage people to eat less meat and use less of the worlds resources. I am excited to try some the of the recipes. Here’s one tip that I liked: Keep a bag or container in your freezer to collect old pieces of bread. When the bag is full, you can use the bread to make bread crumbs or croutons. Sometimes I find myself throwing away a piece or two of crumbled bread when I get to the end of the loaf. Now I have something to do with those pieces!

                1. I also just finished this book. I liked it and would recommend it. It’s nothing too profound, but it’s filled with lots of encouragement practical advice. It doesn’t hurt that the cover is adorable.

                    1. Speaking of adorable book covers, take a look at the covers of these new Penguin Threads Deluxe Classics. So beautiful. 

                    2. We will be planting our square foot garden this weekend. I’ve had a vegetable garden for the past couple years, but this will be our first attempt at square foot gardening. I’m excited! Did you know that a 4x4 foot square garden will produce more than a normal 8x10 foot garden?


                    Bia said...

                    our youngest son had the most beautiful golden curls ... which disappeared after his first haircut. it still makes me sad but, then again, i agree that he had to get a haircut at some point!

                    that recipe looks delicious ... i am always looking for ways to incorporate edamame into our meals.

                    have a blessed weekend.

                    Jessica said...

                    Oh, I love More With Less! My favorite recipe in there is the one for Vietnamese Fried rice. I love the hot, spicy friend rice on a cool bed of greens and cucumber. Sooooo good!


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