Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Healthy Substitutions

After visiting this website, I collected some useful tips on how make what you eat a little more nutritious…

  • Use fat-free or low-fat yogurt instead of sour cream in recipes and as a topping.
  • Try salsa or fruit chutney on meat, fish, or poultry instead of sauces and gravies.
  • Substitute air popped popcorn for another snack.
  • Use fat-free or low-fat milk instead of water in your oatmeal and hot cereals.
  • Top a baked potato with fat-free or low-fat yogurt. For dessert, make pudding with fat-free or low-fat milk.
  • Use vinegar and oil or a light vinaigrette on salads instead of thick, creamy salad dressing.
  • Use vegetable oils for cooking instead of solid fats like stick margarine, lard, or butter.
  • Try chopped fruit or pureed berries on pancakes and waffles instead of butter and syrup.
  • Use sliced bananas, berries, raisins, or diced fruits to sweeten breakfast cereals or yogurt.

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